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Dunnville Rotary Club Website Advertising & Hotlink

Features and Benefits

·         Your advertisement will appear prominently on our web site home page and secondary pages;

·         Pictures/Images or a text message are the available options and create a hotlink to your site ;

·         Your website link redirects interested parties and potential customers to your site when they click on your advertisement;

·         If you do not have a website, an email window will open so potential customers can contact you directly;

·         Our program will track the number of hits on our site arising out of your ad;

·         Buyers remorse program – if you change your mind, we offer a full refund if you contact us within 30 days - no questions asked.  

About your ad

·          After placement we will invoice you $125 for the annual cost payable in advance (no HST is applicable); 

.          Corporate Rotary Club members enjoy discounted rates; 

·         Your ad will be posted immediately as soon as you contact us;

·         The spot will be in effect for one full year. We offer a 15% loyalty discount on annual renewal;

·         Please make your cheque payable to Rotary Club of Dunnville, mail to PO Box 188, Dunnville ON N1A 2X5.

Information Required 

  • Not much - - - We will simply design an ad for you from the information on your business card or web site. You can have a look at the result and let us know about any changes you would like.  That’s it. 

Questions? Email using "contact us"  link on the home page menu. Hope you will join us!